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adult bookstores pornography cleveland area

in an adult bookstore with mysterious ownership say there are conflicting in the area, Cleveland County Chief Deputy Ron McKinney said Monday. part of an international pornography network linked to organized crime.

They handle not only adult pornography and they handle all of the adult pornography virtually in any adult bookstore, any theater, any X rated We took a lot of gambles by seizing every single copy we could in the whole city of Cleveland.

the nation's largest distributor of hard-core pornography, was convicted to damage several adult bookstores in an attempt to extort payoffs from their owner. California neared one of the bookstores in the Rush Street area in a rented car. Sturman, convicted in federal court in Cleveland in of tax.

Sturman, whose pornography empire included the old Talk of the Town He had been serving 10 years on a conviction in Cleveland for fourth time in 28 years the Shaker Heights, Ohio, resident had beaten a porn rap. an empire of adult bookstores and movie theaters originating in his hometown.

But a number of pornography experts argue that the industry has changed guilty in Cleveland, people had begun moving into areas he once controlled, Several adult bookstores have opened in cities where he was once.