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There is also a Russian furry gallery known as cityofmelbourne.info FurNation operated FurPlanet, a small adult-oriented comic publishing unit/online store.

I will continue to post non-adult material there for the time being. . We now have two mirror sites on both Furnation and Waargh should one ever go down. Along with the usual updates; I've added Diablos in the Other Gallery and will be​.

Recently, I was a tester for Furnation's (cityofmelbourne.info) new gallery system beware: adult content is hosted there, not all hidden behind maturity filters as.

Hopefully somebody at Furnation flips a switch back on soon.~ Ronso Adult Gallery Updated Ronso, Behemoth, Bangaa & Other Adult Galleries Updated.

Please be aware that click-icons colored pink & red and marked "ADULT" contain adult-themed images. LIONUS by Lazarus Rat · LIONUS by Charlie · LIONUS.