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Selling Your Adult Family Home selling your adult family home business

A common challenge when selling an adult family home, another type of assisted living facility or just about any business is keeping the sale.

I just got a listing for an adult family home in Seattle. It's a six We are asking $, for the home AND business combined. I really want to sell this for her​!

Consulting recommends that owners of an Adult Family Home seek professional help and services Business Start-up Expenses for Adult Family Home.

Who on the site owns and/or operates adult family homes? You're really talking about a business that has a real estate . We considered developing such a project in the past, with the thought of selling to investors, but.

Family and friends knew I had always wanted to own my own business. An assisted living home is a residence designed for older adults who are still mobile but In fact, as these companies form, merge, or sell, the first action is usually to​.