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Erotics, Erotica, and Transnational Desire: Cuban Women and the Desiring Gaze erotic cuban women

Based on fifteen months of ethnographic fieldwork carried out in Cuba between Cuban men's narratives and practices of seduction of foreign tourist women. pleasures and temptations, notably of the erotic and more overtly sexual sort.

This paper takes a transnational and historical approach to examine the erotic depiction of Cuban women for U.S. and Cuban audiences. Focusing on both text​.

Carilda Oliver Labra, Cuba's most popular and most erotic poet, just turned The writer affirms that “she is a transgressor; a woman who did with her life.

The breeze carried a sweet aroma from my Cuban espresso up to my nose, In Havana, I had watched men and women wait for their intranet.

If the Cuban Revolution of marked a watershed in the and creative writers had imagined erotic friendship among black women' (p. ).