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Relena gets a doll and Duo wants one, too. One-Shot | Fluff, Humor | R | 2x1. Endless Love Heero wants more than just sex. One-Shot | Lemon, PWP | NC |​.

Well, let's just say one of Duo's sex-plots goes a rye, and leave it at that. (1x2/4x3, OOC) Duo and Heero are stuck in a safehouse (snowed in) for New Year's.

Aww that's sweet, Duo, but put your hand down before you get me arrested. But I do *not* advocate a Duo/Heero sexual relationship in my own stories.

After all their good-byes Heero followed Duo from Relena's house. .. Was he absolutely attracted to Duo enough to want to share sex acts with him, or had it.