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I am certainly no expert on the subject. But as a sexually active amputee woman who is happily married with two children, I can speak frankly.

Results: In total 26 interviews with persons with a lower limb amputation were performed. . A decrease in sexual interest and intercourse frequency caused by an .. If my wife would die, I assume there will be no other woman waiting for me.

However, we demonstrate that, for females, limb autotomy is also animals may have a certain number of 'spare legs' (Macías-Ordoñez ;.

Female participants were hypothesized to report greater pain intensity . No sex difference emerged for the cause of upper extremity limb loss;.

Sex had been absent from my marriage for so long that I'd started to wonder about my sexuality. Weren't women supposed to reach their sexual peak in their 30s? . told me he thought I was pretty, and eventually asked for my number​. Soon we were a mess of hands and limbs, kissing each other and.