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Roll the condom on when your penis is erect (hard), but BEFORE it touches your partner’s mouth or genital area (vulva, vagina, anus, buttocks, and upper thighs) — and wear it the whole time you’re having sex.​ You can put a few drops of water-based or silicone lubricant inside the.

Putting on a condom is simple once you know what you're doing. Follow these steps to make sure you're doing it right and It'll soon be second nature.

Learning how to put on a condom may remind you of health class, but we all need a refresher. We spoke to sex health experts to hear exactly.

Quick, step-by-step guide to using condoms safely and correctly, to prevent The condom should be put on when the penis is erect (hard) and before it comes​.

Condoms aren't as simple to put on as many people think. Here's how to put on a condom properly, to make sure they are as effective as.